Oral History Project

Present From The Past

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Buxton and District U3A, Discover Buxton, Liz Mackenzie the Community Officer from the Crescent Project and Daniel Atherton the Crescent Researcher are working together on a project to capture memories and create an audio archive. Buxton’s ‘Present from the Past’ project will capture sound-bites and snap-shots of the town and bring the rich history of Buxton and surrounding area to life.
The memories collected will be deposited at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and the Derbyshire Record Office and be part of the Collections in the Landscape project at the Museum as well as help inform the development of the Buxton Crescent and Spa Heritage Experience. A selection of the fascinating recollections including the 2 on the homepage recollecting the closure of the library in 1992 and memories of the Natural Baths in the early 1950’s, will also be used in tours of the town for local people, visitors and tourists and play a part in future research, education and schools projects.
Anyone who is interested in the project, has memories they would like to share or would like record the memories of others are invited to contact Liz Mackenzie email: lmackenzie@buxtoncrescent.com.