Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – When will the Crescent and Pump Room Open?

A – The Crescent’s 81 bedroom Hotel, Spa and Pump Room will open in 2020.

Q2 – How much will the project cost and who is funding it?

A – The project is estimated to cost over £50 million. The Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa Co Ltd will fund just over £20 million with the rest coming from the public sector. Crucial to the success of the scheme is a £23.8 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund together with a £2 million grant from the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and over £0.6 million from Historic England. High Peak Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council are also contributing approximately £2.5 million.

Q3 – When can I have a tour or visit the Crescent and Pump Room?

A – Public tours of the Crescent are not possible at the moment as it is a major construction site. We are planning open days when the hotel opens in 2020, please check the website for details or email buxtoncrescent@ensanahotels.com

Q4 – Who are the contractors and how is the restoration going?

A – The contractors are Vinci Construction UK, they have been on site since March 2016. The Crescent is a Grade 1 listed building and Natural Baths and Pump Room are Grade 2. All of the buildings have been in need of comprehensive repairs for a number of years. The Crescent, in particular, has been found to be in a worse state than anticipated, however, the programme of repairs and refurbishment is progressing well. The new spa and restaurant extension to the rear of the building which is now well underway. To view images of the restoration please visit the photo library at www.buxtoncrescent.com.

Q5 – What will the impact of the project be on Buxton?

A – The hotel, spa and Crescent Experience will have a positive economic impact on Buxton and the surrounding area. The project will create in excess of 140 permanent jobs, 350 construction related jobs and many more permanent jobs indirectly resulting in a boost the local economy by over £4.5 million. The restoration of the Crescent is already attracting national media interest and international tourism interest both of which will help raise the profile of the town and area.

Q6 – Where is the outdoor pool and as a local resident or visitor can I use the pool and spa?

A – Construction of the new outdoor pool to the rear of the Crescent is now well underway. The pool and the spa will be available for  local residents and visitors to use. Although the details have yet to be finalised, local residents will be entitled to a discount on the entrance fee.

Q7 – Where will people park?

A – A valet parking arrangement will allow hotel guests to use the dedicated space which will be made available in part of the undercroft to the car park in the Pavilion Gardens.

Q8 – What is The Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa Heritage Trust?

The Trust will operate a Visitor Experience based from the Pump Room and a selection of spaces in the Crescent. They are also developing a programme of tours and events which will take place in the Crescent’s impressive Assembly Room for 60 days a year from 2020. The Visitor Experience will be established initially with funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Trust will be launching a fundraising campaign in 2017 and running the Friends of Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa Heritage Trust and a volunteer programme.

Q9 – What is happening in the Pump Room and what is the Crescent Experience?

A – The Pump Room will be part of the new Crescent Experience which will celebrate the town’s spa heritage, the Crescent’s rich history, it’s links with Chatsworth, fascinating characters and it’s restoration. The Crescent Experience will also feature spaces in the Crescent. The Crescent Experience and Pump Room will be managed by The Buxton Crescent and Thermal Spa Heritage Trust

Q10 – How can I be kept informed, attend events or get involved?

The project website www.buxtoncrescent.com features regular project updates.

The Friends of Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa will be launched in June 2016 and provide an opportunity to get more involved and attend events and talks. A year round programme of events and talks and an education and community engagement projects are being developed. We are also recruiting volunteers to support the work of the Trust, Friends of Buxton Crescent Thermal Spa & Heritage Trust, Crescent Experience and events programme.

For more details, please visit our website www.buxtoncrescent.com or email buxtoncrescent@ensanahotels.com